Corridor's End

'How far now?' moans Kevin, 'We've been walking for hours.'

'That's relative,' replies Kara.


'The place we are going won't come into existence for around a thousand years after when we met on the train. It had blinked back out of existence a hundred million years ago from where we are now.'

Kevin stops walking.

'It'll take as long as it takes,' says Kara as she grabs his arm and drags him onwards.

'There's something up ahead,' Kevin adds petulantly.

They had finally arrived at the end of the corridor.

A dull metallic pole runs vertically from a hole in the ceiling to an opposite one in the floor. On the wall past the pole a small, rectangular, yellow piece of paper with an arrow crudely drawn on it in crayon. It was pointing down.

'It looks like we're going down then.' asks Kevin

Kara consults her wrist map again, 'Do you like spiders?'

'What like to eat them? Or as pets?'

'To face up to. Nose to .. er .. mandible.'

'What kind of spiders?'

'The big, hairy, people eating kind.'

'Ooh. Let me think. No. Definitely not.'

Kara pulls the note from the wall and puts it back with the arrow now pointing upwards, 'We'd better go this way then.' She hops onto the post, wraps both of her legs around it and shoots upwards in a rapid ascent through the hole.

'Don't let go of the pole when you come up,' she shouts down.

As Kevin's hand reaches out to the pole he can feel an upward pull, like gravity, only in the wrong direction.

He jumps onto the pole, only he held on so tightly he wasn't moving in either direction. As he loosened his grip slightly he began to rise slowly.

Soon he passed through the hole in the ceiling.

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