The End of The World

Kevin looks up to the hatch which was now closed shut.  There were scorch marks around the edges accompanied by wisps of smoke.  "What the hell happened?"

"You do swear a lot, don't you?  It was a bomb.  On the train."

"A bomb?"

"Yes.  You know?  Boom?  Remember that woman with the baby?"


"She wasn't nursing it, she was priming it.  I told you I was going to save your life."

"You mean everybody on the train-"


"What the he-  what is that thing? And who are you?" asks Kevin, pointing in disbelief at Glove.

"Right.  Yes.  Of course. I am Kara and that is my dear friend Glove. He's from a species based entirely on polymorphing hydroplasm, quite facinating.  And fortunately for us they are on our side."

"Our side?"

"Yes, the one that doesn't want the end of everything."

"Everything?  You don't mean the train, they've done that one?"

"No.  Think bigger."

"Are you telling me someone is trying to blow up the planet?"

"Nope, bigger."

"The solar system?"

Kara puts her hands together so they are almost touching, then in a gesture flings them apart, "Everything."

"I don't believe this.  First of all, you can't destroy...everything.  There's too much.  It's everything, dammit.  Besides, why would you want to?  You'd have to kill yourself in the process - not much of a unique selling point."

"They want to rule everything, everywhere.  However there are too many things that can currently stop them.  So they want to destroy it all and then pick up the pieces on the other side."

"But everything would be dead."

"They won't.  They've discovered a way of avoiding the apocalypse.  We don't know how yet."

"Ah, yes. But. Even if they did, could, whatever - they would be ruling over nothing.  It's still absurd."

"Yes, to start with.  But suppose you are sat in a big empty universe with all of the genetic building blocks, all of the power and materials and all of the time to spend?"

"No. Yes. No. Are you talking about genesis all over again?"

"Yes, re-genesis.  But with the bad guys completely and utterly in charge and with nothing to threaten them.  So, you can see why they are keen?"

"Wonderful.  You rescue me from the clutches of death to tell me we're all going to die."

"We aren't going to die."

"We're not?  But you just said- Why not?"

"Because you are going to save us."  Kara smiles at Kevin then pushes a stack of boxes away from a wall to  reveal a door which she opens.  "We need to go.  They'll be looking for us."  She walks through.

"What" asks Kevin hooking a thumb in Glove's direction.

"He'll make his own way once he's pulled himself together," comes Kara's voice from the other side of the doorway, 'C'mon'.

Kevin waves feebly at glove and then follows Kara.

"Yo," says Glove, hand still flopping around.

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