Those Displaced Quantums

"So basically you're saying time travel isn't simple?"

"The corridors are temporally fixed.  They go from A to B from date and time 1 to date and time 2."

"So you don’t control them?"

"No, we just use them.  When the tunnels were first discovered we came across some artefacts, devices, which were left behind."

"The builders didn’t tidy away their tools?"

"Something like that.  One of the devices imprints a map, of sorts, onto the recipient’s wrist."  Kara showed Kevin.  What he saw looked like an intricate tattoo on her wrist, except everything was moving.  Images and symbols constantly glowed, ebbed and flowed in and around each other.

"Does that mean anything to you?  It looks like nonsense," he said.

Kara looked into the dancing read out on her wrist, "The device also allows your brain to interpret it all.  A neural upgrade. It seems our brains wouldn’t be able to handle the complexities of all five dimensions otherwise."

"Five dimensions? I thought there were only three?"

"Time is the forth and quantum displacement is the fifth."

"Quanty who-what?"

"Quantum displacement.  The multiple reality principal. Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?"


"The theory goes that an infinitely small event such as the life of a butterfly can have a ripple effect that can change the outcome of significant events in history."


"Well, it was thought that the same applies to time travel.  You know, you go back in time and kill your grandparents.  But you wouldn’t exist to go back and kill your grandparents, so how could you? A paradox."

"That makes sense."

"Yes, but it's wrong. Every point in reality is fixed.  Time travel by its literal interpretation is impossible.  The past has happened.  However, you can hop across to another reality which is running, I don’t know, a few hours, years behind ours and voila."

"So you’re saying that you can hop into other realities?"

"Not just me. You’re in one now.  How else would you explain this corridor in relation to your own reality?"

"Holy cow."

"I’ve been called worse. Come on."  Kara picked up the pace again.

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